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INSULTS 101: Yo Mama jokes

Everyone has a mama and we all love them. Why then do we make fun of them with "Yo Mama" jokes? Who knows... blame it on a lack of culture. Without further ado, here are the world's funniest "yo mama" jokes:

Yo mama so stupid she brushes her teeth with Preparation H.

Yo mama so stupid she thinks Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company.

Yo mama so stupid she took a spoon to the Super Bowl.

Yo mama so dumb she bought a solar-powered flashlight!

Yo mama so nasty she only changes her drawers once every 5000 miles.

Yo mama so nasty, she made Right Guard turn left.

Yo mama so old, when she farted dust came out!

Yo mama so old when I told her to act her age, she died!

Yo mama so lazy she thinks a two-income family is where yo daddy has two jobs.

Yo mama so ugly when she joined an ugly contest, they said "SORRY, NO PROFESSIONALS!"

Yo mama so ugly that when she walks into a bank, they turn off the surveillance cameras.

Yo mama so ugly that she practices birth control by leaving the lights on.

Yo Mama so ugly she scared the black off of Micheal Jackson.

Yo mama so ugly your dad takes her to work so he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye.

Yo mama's butt so big it shows up on radar.

Yo mama so fat that people jog around her for exercise.

Yo mama so fat when her beeper goes off, people think she's backing up.

Yo Mama so fat, her ass has its own zip code!

Yo mama so fat, when it rains her feet don't get wet.

Yo mama so fat, she doesn't eat with a fork -- she eats with a forklift.

Yo mama so fat, when she steps on a talking scale it says, "One at a time, please!"

Yo mama is so fat that her waist size is the Equator.

Yo mama so fat, she got baptized at Sea World.

Yo mama so fat she has more rolls then the town bakery.

Yo mama so fat she sweats mayonnaise!

Yo mama so fat every time she walks in high heels, she strikes oil!

Yo Mama so fat she bent over and got arrested for selling crack!

Yo mama so skinny she has to wear a belt with spandex.

Yo mama so skinny, her pants have one belt loop

Yo mama so greasy she uses bacon for a band aid!

Yo mama so poor she eats Top Ramen without the water.

Yo mama so poor when she goes to KFC, she has to lick other people's fingers!

Yo mama so poor she can't even afford to go to the free clinic.

Yo mama so poor she hangs the toilet paper out to dry.

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